Monday, May 28, 2007

What We're Learning

In June we are working on:

Classification - Sorting all kinds of materials like buttons, M&M's, Cars we pass, types of plants. Reading Arnold Lobel's "A Lost Button" from Frog and Toad are Friends.

Trees - Looking at different types of trees, learning about what trees do for the environment, learning about how trees grow. Making bark and leaf rubbings. We are anxiously awaiting the opening of the Springs Preserve, where we'll be able to see all kinds of native trees. We are starting nature journals. We are also trying an experiment in which we tie paper bags over some of the peaches on our tree while they are still growing. Each week we check the existing bags and add one more bag. I read about this technique in the Gourmet magazine. There's nothing of interest to report yet, but I have high hopes!

Reading all types of books.

Taking classes: Ballet and Music Together

Meeting weekly with Chinese tutor, and occasionally watching Muzzy or playing Hooked on Chinese

Big Craft Project - Shibori. After a good browse at Home Depot for shape makers, we are going to dye all kinds of clothing and fabrics. I'm still seeking a picture book on Japanese textiles.

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Lynnie said...

Keep posting about your endeavors to learn Chinese! I tried this with my daughter but the only teacher I could find was $65/hr. We totally can't afford that, but kids are SO good at learning languages, and Chinese is an excellent choice. I've heard there's a new t.v. show, sort of a Dora-ish one, in Chinese. If we watched a lot of t.v. that would be great, but I hate to start watching a lot just because we want to learn Chinese. As it is for now, a friend of mine teaches her a few words every now and then when he's in town, and for especially good behavior at the end of the day she can "call Kip for a new Chinese word."