Friday, February 03, 2006

I Want to Push the Elevator Button

We live in one of those giant apartment buildings that is like a miniature city. There is one neighbor on our floor who each time we see her at the elevator announces, "I want to push the elevator button because I am in a hurry." I guess she fears that Lovely L will dawdle, fuss, complain, and otherwise prevent her from reaching her destination in a timely fashion. The funny thing is that Lucy likes to push the elevator button, but it is not a critical part of her journey. She is perfectly ok with someone else pushing it. So obviously this woman has elevator button issues of some sort. Is there a way we could turn our relationship around, make her happy to see us?

Last night I was reading Playful Parenting, and the author related the tale of a drunken and obnoxious man whose aggressive attitude was turned around by a group of friends who invited him to join them. So how did they do it? Although I am not an outgoing person, that is what I want to work on for a while. Making the world a brighter place through empathy and connection. Any suggestions for implementation from those who are more "socially enabled" are welcome.

Not a big thing, but you never know what will happen.

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