Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mr. Book

My mother is a teacher, and she has long had in her classroom a friend named "Mr. Book." Mr. Book gives the students advice about how to treat him, with pages like, "Don't eat me, I'm not food," and " Turn pages carefully, don't tear me." Lucy got her own copy of Mr. Book, and has learned to treat her books like friends, although if you ask her what Mr. Book says, she'll proudly tell you, "Don't eat me, I'm food!"

The most special books in Lucy's collection are those created by her family. Construction paper, pens, and some form of binding are all that are required, and they really make her feel good. In addition to Mr. Book, she has Lucy Visits California, Lucy's Sleep Book, and Lucy's Alphabet Book.

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sixandthecity said...


I love this idea, my kids definately need some homemade books. What fun!

City Mom