Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Playful Parenting

Playful Parenting I recently finished this book by Laurence Cohen, and thought it was the best "parenting advice" book I've read. At the beginning, I thought I already did most of the things he recommended, and that I might pick up a few tips, but as the book progressed I found much more good advice than I could have imagined. The area of most use in our household is the discussion of how to deal with the parent who is out of the house all day being rejected by the child upon return. We have had many nights of "I don't want Daddy," and the situation has improved after just a week of trying his techniques.

We have always followed a policy of trying to turn everything into a game, but Cohen recommends a level of play that reaches full-out ridiculousness. It feels funny at first, but wow, it really works. Read the book, try a few techniques. You'll be glad you did.

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